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Missiz (on the left on the picture) is a cat that was abandoned by my former neighbors 15 years ago. In the beginning, we used to feed her outside because she was very shy. Very quickly she adapted to us. She gave us a litter of five little kittens including Guizmo (on the right on the picture). With age, she became very very affectionate. She went from alley cat to house cat.

Guizmo is a cat that has evolved outdoors since his early years. He was a very good hunter.
Unfortunately for him, he changed to a house cat. Intestinal problems as well as a regular medication is not possible if he is let out. He has only interest for me and he is very affectionate. I can do anything he is not afraid. He goes away as soon as there are strangers.

Both have adapted over time to our dog Maya.


Gray fluffy cat sits in flowers. Cat on the footpath. Cat on garden path near flowers on a clear day

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