The Holidays With Your Puppy or Kitten

Le temps des fêtes avec votre chiot ou chaton


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This year, the holidays will be done within the guidelines of public health and will be limited to two gatherings of individuals between December 24th and 27th, 2020. These restrictions will not prevent us from celebrating or receiving the people we love. How will the 2020 holidays be with your newcomer, the puppy or kitten you just adopted?

The veterinarians of the Beaubien clinic in the heart of Montreal in Arrondissement Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie give us some tips to spend a wonderful holiday season with your kitty and puppy. For your pet, the Christmas tree is something new, huge and strange for them. It risks arousing mistrust or even curiosity. Whether you choose a natural or artificial Christmas tree, a few precautions will be in order.

Oh Christmas Tree!

For those who opt for a real tree, be careful with the thorns even if the tree is treated for thorns not to fall. Take the time to regularly sweep and collect the thorns that fall, especially when decorating the tree. Clinique vétérinaire Beaubien reminds you that the thorns may get caught between your pet’s paws and will irritate them. 

You should also prevent your dog from playing with the thorns. Puppies and kittens love to discover things and could ingest them, causing stomach upset. They could also inhale them and get them stuck inside their noses. Be vigilant.

If your natural tree is in a pot, do not water it with chemicals. Be careful, the products you add to the water to keep your tree healthy for a long time are toxic to pets. It is important that the container with liquid is 100% out of reach of your kitty and puppy.

Cover the tank well to prevent them from drinking from it because this water contains sap and could make the animal sick. Indeed, some saps are toxic, hence the importance of regularly changing the water of natural fir or simply blocking access to your animal.

In short, in the presence of a real tree, some young males may associate the discovery of a tree inside the house with the outside. So, if there is a suspicious smell of urine in the house, you will have a good lead in identifying the culprit!

On the other hand, if you opt for an artificial tree, it can be treated with products or even covered with artificial snow that can be toxic for your puppy or kitten. However, it does have the advantage of not losing its thorns and you do not risk finding your kitty or puppy with lots of thorns in their mouth or on their muzzle. Being generally lighter, if the tree falls, it will likely not hurt the animal as the natural tree would, which is much heavier, especially with all its ornaments.

Clinique Vétérinaire Beaubien

Since puppies are full of energy, it would be appropriate not to have your Christmas tree in a passageway of the house. Installing a fence around the tree before relatives arrive would be ideal. Another tip: if your puppy has a tendency to chew everything, it would preferable to not put ornaments on the branches at the bottom of the tree.

In summary, the holiday season is a time of celebration and, in the presence of strangers, your puppy may also want to have fun; he will want to feast too… Be careful not to leave too many gifts under his nose, unless they are his gifts!

With these few measures, you will no doubt be able to save your Christmas tree and welcome everyone with your turkey, cranberries, stew, pie, potato donuts and Christmas log…

Let the Celebration Begin!

To make sure everything goes well, your veterinarians in Montreal suggest that you introduce your kitty and puppy to the joys of the holiday season, even if they are young. Clinique vétérinaire Beaubien, in the heart of Montreal, remains at your disposal. Do not hesitate to make an appointment if you need a quick consultation. We are at your disposal 6 days a week and you can order your food online on Ma vitrine vétérinaire.

We wish you a very happy holiday season and, although the chaos of the holidays may not fool you, be aware that your puppy really likes the routines.


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