Why Does My Puppy Eat Toilet Paper?


What a hassle! Your puppy has taken to shredding up your fresh rolls of toilet paper sitting on the bathroom stand. Does he take pleasure in irritating you?

At the Clinique Vétérinaire Beaubien, located in Rosemont–La-Petite-Patrie, in the heart of Montreal, we might have a few answers to the mystery, not to mention some useful advice on how to deal with it.

When Toilet Paper Rolls Become a Game for Your Pet

There you are, sitting comfortably in your living room, watching your favourite show. The place is quiet, maybe a little too quiet. Your puppy has been gone for a few moments, just long enough to make a “light snack” out of your fresh toilet paper roll. You go to the bathroom and are shocked to witness your puppy’s handywork.

With a sheepish look on his face, your puppy takes refuge behind whomever will least scold him. The damage is done. He has quite literally ripped open the toilet paper roll and right before your eyes a frightful spectacle of crumpled paper strewn all over the floor.

It may well be that your new pet greatly enjoys playing with the toilet paper. It is, after all, spherical in shape and when it unrolls your dog can get a lot of mileage out of it…

The first thing to note is that toilet paper rolls are a favourite for pets such as dogs. Your pooch is fascinated by it and has fun chewing and unspooling it.

Secondly, it is possible that your pet has a lot of energy to spend which is why they play with the roll. It’s not only a toy, but a way for your pet to burn off some energy.

Number three: If your puppy is teething, chewing on soft toilet paper and tearing it up can help relieve the itchiness and discomfort that occurs when new teeth come in, so it’s a good idea to make sure that your dog’s mouth is clean. This can relieve the itchiness and discomfort that comes with teething.

And fourth observation: Dog experts also point out that your puppy may be behaving in this way to relieve boredom, stress and anxiety. Tearing up the toilet paper becomes a comforting experience for your pet.

So, there are several factors that can account for the toilet paper trail you encounter in the bathroom and elsewhere in the house.

Some Sound Advice

While it isn’t necessarily dangerous for your dogs to shred toilet paper, if they eat too much of it, they could end up with digestive problems. With luck, the paper will be excreted or vomited up. On the other hand, if the paper obstructs any intestines, you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible; the problem could be an intestinal obstruction.

Here are just a few useful steps you should first follow in order to get your pet to stop shredding toilet paper:

  • Shut the bathroom door when not in use to prevent your puppy from getting to the toilet paper roll;
  • Be sure to give your dog some exercise. Walking or running in the park are great ways to get your pup to burn off some of that pent-up energy;
  • Give your pet some alternative chewing options such as new rubber toys, a Kong, a chew bone, etc.

Finally, keep in mind that in most cases, when your new puppy tears or chews up toilet paper, it’s doing it mainly to have fun, as a source of pleasure.

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