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Hyperthyroidism in Cats

We love our pets and care about their health. They are part of our family, and we want the best for them. The veterinary professionals

Gray fluffy cat sits in flowers. Cat on the footpath. Cat on garden path near flowers on a clear day

Cats and Tapeworm Issues

Worms are particularly repulsive, and no one wishes their pet to be afflicted with them. Luckily, protecting your pet has never been easier thanks to

Comment apprendre la propreté à votre chiot | Clinique vétérinaire Beaubien

How to House Train Your Puppy

At last, your long-awaited, adorable puppy has arrived home… And just as exciting, he’s enthusiastically and lovingly watering the living room carpet! You knew it

Les tiques chez votre animal de compagnie | Clinique vétérinaire Beaubien

Ticks and Your Pet

In Quebec, there are 12 listed species of ticks. They pose some hazard to humans, as they are carriers of certain diseases such as Lyme

La socialisation de votre chiot | Clinique vétérinaire Beaubien

Socializing Your Puppy

You’ve got a sweet new companion in your life, and you’re hoping for the best in its future interactions with people and other animals. The

Clinique vétérinaire Beaubien

Why Give Dry Food to Your Dog?

Many people struggle to find the right diet for their pets. Often, between the portions you prepare for your dog (so-called homemade portions) and the

L’obésité chez nos chiens et nos chats

Obesity in Our Dogs and Cats

Obesity affects approximately 60% of our pets in Canada. It is therefore a health problem that we must address. Clinique Vétérinaire Beaubien, in the heart

La neige et votre chien!

Snow and Your Dog!

All dogs love to go for walks in the snow; they run, roll in the snow and quickly get a taste of the winter season.

Brûlure par les abrasifs de rue

Burns From Street Abrasives

Street abrasives are chemical compounds containing sand, salt products and other melting derivatives. While they can be useful for vehicles on public roads and pedestrians

Le temps des fêtes avec votre chiot ou chaton

The Holidays With Your Puppy or Kitten

This year, the holidays will be done within the guidelines of public health and will be limited to two gatherings of individuals between December 24th

Qu’est-ce que la vermifugation?

What Is Deworming?

Some Explanations to Help You Better Understand First, deworming describes the action of deworming your pet. Dewormer is a drug that eliminates intestinal parasites. What




Meet Fiona, a brave 10-1/2 year old English Bulldog who gave birth in 2014 to 11 healthy puppy babies without a caesarean section. This is


Missiz (on the left on the picture) is a cat that was abandoned by my former neighbors 15 years ago. In the beginning, we used


Our first featured patient is our puppy Mika, this Australian Labradoodle from the Laurentian Mountains, who has successfully received all his vaccines. As it is

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