Qualified animal health technician


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We are looking for a qualified animal health technician to complete our super team of about fifteen people. What sets us apart from other clinics in Montreal? The people who work there! We are looking for a gifted, talented technician with great technical skills… and above all, we are looking for “THE fit” with us, because harmony and good understanding is very important in our clinic.

How do you know if you are that person? You like to have fun in your work, both with your clients and with your colleagues, you like to be trusted, because you are very independent, for you, helping each other is a way of life, working in a team is a must, because we go so much further together! Another important reason: our clients! We are blessed, because our clients are golden, we love them very much and they repay us well! You too, if you join our team, you will make a difference for our hairy friends and also for their humans. Good interpersonal communication, autonomy and proactivity, a great attitude and a golden smile, that’s what we are looking for in our next TSA colleague and we are committed to give him all of that in return!

The technician who works with us must speak English and French. Previous experience in a veterinary establishment is certainly an asset. The salary offered is competitive and adapted to the experience of the person who will be hired. From the point of view of working conditions, paid training is offered to all new ASDs who enter the job, in order to get up to speed with the operations and to imbue you with our culture and values. You will have a budget for continuing education, group insurance and substantial discounts to have your animals cared for. In our team, balancing personal and professional life is important, which is why we share evenings and weekends and are currently closed on Sundays.

Are you interested in the position? You can send your resume and cover letter to our consultant, Nathalie Simard, at this email: nathalie@comphum.ca. Only candidates selected for a telephone interview will be contacted. We look forward to meeting you!


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