Nutritional and Weight-Management Advice

Is your cute little kitty not quite so little anymore? Have you noticed your dog’s put on a few pounds? Our trained technicians can help set up a personalized weight-loss program and follow-up for your pet.

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How does the weight-loss program work?

To manage your pet’s weight, we’ll set up monthly meetings and establish how much food your pet needs to reach their healthy weight. We’ll provide you with proven strategies so your animal can reach the target weight within a realistic timeframe.

How can I help my pet lose weight?

The first thing to evaluate: how much food do you feed your pet? It’s very likely that you’re overfeeding your cat or dog. While the suggested portion sizes on pet food bags can be a good place to start, you should never base portion sizes solely on that information. To find out the quantity of food that is best for your pet ask a team member to calculate how many calories your pet needs attain and maintain a healthy weight.

To help your pet lose weight, you’ll also need to take into account how many (and what kind of) treats you’re feeding them. Our technicians can tell you which treats are best for your pet and how much to give them.

You can also get your pet to exercise more often and more intensely. As your pet expends more energy, they’ll start to lose weight. Don’t forget to take into account your pet’s age, overall health and fitness level when getting them to do more intense physical activity.

What kinds of veterinary diets do you sell at the clinic?

Our clinic carries Hill’s®, Royal Canin® and Purina® products. You’ll find hypoallergenic diets, and specialty food to support dental and urinary health, among others.

Our animal health team can recommend a pet food for your cat or dog based on their age, breed, and overall health.

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