Parasite Prevention and Treatment

Parasites might be tiny, but they can cause huge problems for your pet. Preventative treatment is vital to keep external and internal parasites at bay.

What kinds of problems do fleas and ticks cause? 

Fleas are tiny external parasites that are so small you might have trouble spotting them. Even still, they can create a lot of discomfort for your four-legged companion. They cause itching, which can lead to major skin problems. Fleas will also make themselves at home in your carpets, furniture and clothing. Getting rid of a flea infestation involves a long period of consecutive treatments.

Ticks also cause itching and can carry Lyme disease. In fact, both ticks and fleas can transmit diseases to your pet. Parasite control products are the best way to ensure your pet stays healthy.

What are the effects of intestinal worms? 

Intestinal worms can negatively impact how kittens and puppies develop.

In adult animals, they cause gas and digestive problems. Without preventative treatment and/or stool analysis, intestinal worms can multiply and cause anemia or a complete blockage in the intestines.

Deworming treatment is an effective way of eliminating intestinal worms. You should know that deworming is not a preventative treatment. Dewormers kill worms already living inside your pet’s intestines.

What kinds of parasite-control medications are on the market? 

Treatment can be given in different form like pills, chewable tablets and topical liquid. Our team can consult with you to find a preventative treatment option based on your dog’s needs.