Senior Pet Care

Aging pets have changing needs, just like humans, and you’ll need to adjust care accordingly. Our team can provide guidance and can answer any questions you might have.

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When is my pet considered “senior”?

There’s no exact age when a pet becomes a senior. However, it’s generally around nine years old for small dog breeds, and seven for large dogs. For cats, it’s around age 10. Various factors affect how a pet ages, including their breed, weight and lifestyle.

How should I adjust my pet’s routine as they get older?

The best way to support your pet as they enter old age is to pay attention to their needs. It’s very normal for older pets to show less interest in play and exercise. Try shortening the amount of time spent doing physical activity and cut back on the intensity.

Your cat or dog will also appreciate having more time to rest and recuperate.

It could be worth looking into different foods, such as a geriatric or specialty diet (for dogs with urinary, cognitive or arthritic conditions) Our team can offer recommendations tailored to your pet to keep them happy and healthy, well into old age.

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