Why Talk About Fleas in the Fall?


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Pourquoi parler des puces à l’automne?

With the arrival of the first frosts, fleas will not be able to survive the Quebec winter. They will try to take refuge under more clement skies, in our homes. It is therefore important to continue the flea prevention program started in the summer until November to avoid infestations.

The Clinique vétérinaire Beaubien, in the heart of Montreal in the Rosemont‒La Petite-Patrie borough, informs you about flea prevention and gives you its best advice.

Flea Prevention: A Simple Move!

Usually, the diagnosis is fairly simple if your pet scratches or if the insect is found on it. On the other hand, some dogs and cats will not or hardly scratch and the infestation will start sneakily in the house.

The flea (Ctenocephalides Felis) can cause anemia (significant blood loss), allergies in some patients and transmit other diseases and even other parasites such as tapeworms. The latter appear as small grains of rice around the anus of a kitty or puppy. Fleas are also common in dogs and cats and care should be taken to eradicate them.

The flea can affect dogs and cats, but also more than 50 other animal species. These include rodents (squirrels among others), wild canids (coyotes, wolves and foxes) which are part of the urban wildlife found in our parks and green spaces.

The flea likes to eat its meal on your pet’s back, especially near the tail, hence the presence of small brown garbage sometimes noted there if your pet welcomes this small visitor despite itself.

Prevention is simple and easy with the application of products on the skin or in the form of tablets. Complete prevention for fleas and ticks is available on the market. Ask your veterinarian for advice in choosing the best product for your animal.

La Clinique vétérinaire Beaubien : la bonne adresse en ville!

The Clinique vétérinaire Beaubien: The Right Address in Town!

With a long track record and decades of veterinary practice, the clinic, in the heart of Montreal, in the Rosemont‒La Petite-Patrie borough, welcomes your pets and practices family veterinary medicine. The professionals will do their utmost to care for your dog or cat.

Don’t wait any longer! Stop by the Clinique vétérinaire Beaubien. Our team welcomes you with consideration and respect. They attach great importance to the care of your animal and will advise you on how to make it your friend for a long time to come…


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