Blog: Dog & Cat

Veterinary Examinations

Bringing your pet into the clinic for regular veterinary exams is the best way to monitor your pet’s health and prevent illness. At Clinique Vétérinaire Beaubien, we know how important annual checkups are because they help make sure your pet lives a long and healthy life.


Making the decision to say goodbye to your faithful companion is never easy. Our team will be at your side to listen and provide compassionate, respectful support.

Nutritional and Weight-Management Advice

Is your cute little kitty not quite so little anymore? Have you noticed your dog’s put on a few pounds? Our trained technicians can help set up a personalized weight-loss program and follow-up for your pet.

Laboratory Services

We are pleased to be able to provide in-house testing and analysis at our clinic in Montréal. Our fast turnaround time means we can have the results back to you quickly to discuss them with you.